Are you a beginner traveller wanting to consult an expert about getting from A – Z and everything in between? If so, this offer is designed for you.

Here’s what we’ll discuss:

Best Travel Route, Airfare, Accommodations, Transportation, Travel Advisories, Points of Interest, Vaccinations, Travel Insurance, Currency/ Exchange Rates, Culture, Estimated Budget of Trip, and Entry and Exit Requirements. This offer is completely customized for the traveller and their specific needs to navigate 1 destination without the booking.  

*Complimentary travel accessory is included (valued at $20).

Are you a recent graduate or young professional looking to challenge yourself and considering teaching abroad? Let’s get you in the classroom. Whether you’re looking to teach during the summer or longer term, there is an option to suit your needs.  

Are you considering going to Asia for the first time, wanting to backpack, or explore multiple countries within the continent? I’ve been there, I’ve got you! I’ve explored 14 countries in Asia and it is my favourite continent by far. 

Are you on the fence about an offer or looking for an offer not listed? Let’s jump on a discovery call. This service is complimentary and designed to assess your needs.  


I just want to thank you for inspiring me to travel the world. It has literally dragged me from rock bottom. I'll always be grateful to you in ways you'll probably never understand, so THANK YOU DO MUCH.

Taylor Eve

Had an amazing zoom meeting with Shuntelle Paynter. She is the best at travel advise. If you don't know...hit her up. Thanks Shuntelle.

Charla Gibbons

1st vacay of 2020 in April booked with Shuntelle's recommendation for airfare on the low low!

Dayla Burgess